40 Over 40 FAQs

How much does it cost to participate?

The fee is $490. The fee not only holds your date and allows us to book in the hair and makeup artist for your shoot, it also covers the consultation, photoshoot. The purchase of images or a collection of your choice is additional 

The $490  participation fee includes:

  • CONSULTATION -A call where we find out what you envision, plan all the details of the shoot, share your story, and introduce our process.
  • HAIR & MAKE UP – professional hair & makeup on the day of your photoshoot.
  • WARDROBE & STYLING -Wardrobe styling and design session to create the mood and look you envision for your photoshoot.

    Opportunity for 4-5 wardrobe changes to capture different aspects of your personality.

  • PHOTOSHOOT -Fully guided 3h photoshoot with Ranka, ensuring every shot is perfect.
  • IMAGE VIEWING & ORDER SESSION -An in-person reveal appointment to select your favorite images.

What if I want more than one image?

You buy only what you love and brace yourself because no one ever just chooses and walks away with 1. Before you will be a selection of 60-80 images, each of which depicts different facets of who you are. It will be quite the experience to see yourself differently in so many levels and I promise you, it will not disappoint. A la carte images begin at $350 which  includes the digital file and the corresponding print, 5×7 encased in an 8×10 mat and ready to frame. We also have collections from 8 images starting at $1990 + tax and go up from there. Payments via e-transfer or credit card are accepted.

Where does the shoot take place?

At our studio in Hoffman Estates, Illinois 

What days do you have available for this shoot?

Our shooting days are  MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY at 10:00am and 2pm. 

Can I refer a friend over 40 to also be a part of this project?

Absolutely! Bring your Bestie, your mom, daughter(s), your lifeline. This experience deepens the bond of relationships and what a better way to celebrate than doing a “ME” and “US” time together.

What if I booked my date & paid $490 and then have to reschedule?

Our artists are booked to be at your scheduled portrait session and sometimes circumstances are unavoidable. A reschedule will be accommodated at no charge for the 1st and we will ensure that you are accommodated at a schedule that will be mutually beneficial for everyone. However, a 2nd reschedule will require a $100 rescheduling fee. The participation fee is non-refundable as we also look after the livelihood of our team. This goes to compensate the hair & makeup artist for lost work. 

How are you choosing who participates?

There are no preferential treatments, it is a first come, first served basis. The Project is for every woman over 40 who seeks to inspire, be inspired, empower and celebrate our life.

What will I wear, I am not photogenic, I don’t know how to pose, I need to lose more?

I got this! I have been photographing women for many years and am trained in the art and science of posing. I have a varied selection of wardrobe to choose from, I guide you into buying outfits that will suit you best and will look fantastic in camera. My Hair & Make-up team are simply the best at bringing out the best in your beautiful pictures. In our complimentary consultation, we will talk about all your concerns and ease you from any discomfort. I will guide you all the way and like I said it will a remarkable memorable EXPERIENCE you will cherish for a very very long time.

Would love be part of this campaign! I am just SO IN and ready to book my date! What is my next step?

  • Fill the submission form through the contact form below
    Schedule a phone or video chat  224.388.0782
  • Or call or text RANKA directly here at 224.388.0782 
  • Or Email us here info@rankaphotography.com and we will get your shoot date picked out and your participation fee taken care of. We accept credit cards which can be paid over the phone or by e-transfer or PAYPAL.